El Arco Iris is proud to support local artists. Come by and check out work by J.P. Altamira, Chassidy Rana, David Botello, Ricardo Duffy, The Pizz and more. We'll be adding more samples to the site soon.

The "Resurrection of a Memory" series was started in early 2003. Developing a completely new process, I chose celebrities for my first subjects. However, my inspiration has always been ancestry— working with other people's family stories and portraits. With "Mi Familia," the chain of ancestry continues, reaffirming our interconnectedness to all who cross our path. Looking at their photo, I thought of Irene and Gustavo on their wedding day, standing on the precipice of all that they would create in their union: a family, a new life, a restaurant. I have always thought it better to nourish than to feed. Even without knowing them personally, I know they have nourished much that has crossed their path.

In gratitude to the Creator, all my ancestors past, present, future; in all directions; in all ways.
-Chassidy Rana

This original series is available for viewing upon request, as well as other commissioned pieces in custom colors and sizes.