Enjoy the authentic, home-cooked flavors from El Arco Iris anywhere! We offer our catering menu to make ordering easier, for you to either pick up or have it delivered straight to you. Let us know how we can help you make your next get-together a memorable occasion with our delicious food.
*Pricing is subject to change.

  Half Pan (~25 People) Full Pan (~50 People)
Chile Verde $30 $60
Chile Rojo $30 $60
Rice, Cilantro Lime Rice $20 $40
Refried Beans, Beans Pot $20 $40
Guacamole $25 $50
Pico de Gallo $24 $48
Hot Sauce $20 $40
Salad $25 $50
  For 20+ Orders
Enchiladas (cheese, chicken or beef) $2.50/each
Chile Rellenos $3.50/each
Tacos (ground beef, shredded beef, chicken or potato) $2/each
Soft Tacos (asada, carnitas, barbacoa, chicken) $3/each
Taquitos with guacamole $3/each
Quesadillas (no meat) $3.50/each
Pepperjack Quesadillas (no meat) $4/each
Sopes (asada, carnitas, chicken, chorizo, or barbacoa) $3/each
Tamales $14 for 1 dozen
$7 for ½ dozen
Carnitas $12 per lb. (feeds ~3 people, makes ~6 tacos)
Carne Asada $12 per lb. (feeds ~3 people, makes ~6 tacos)
Barbacoa $10 per lb. (feeds ~3 people, makes ~6 tacos)

We charge a $25 local delivery fee. All quantities served are approximations. Everything on our menu is available for catering. Download our menu or for more information, call Angie Montes at 323-855-5331. Thank you.